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Later this month, the Capital Wing and Airbase Arizona, both units of the Commemorative Air Force, will bring three iconic World War II warbirds to Warrenton.

First, the Hanover County Municipal Airport in Ashland, near Richmond, will host Airbase Arizona's B-17 "Sentimental Journey" and B-25 "Maid in the Shade" from 6/11-16. The Fairchild Forwarder from the Capital Wing will join them from 6/11-13.



The B-17 and B-25 will travel to Warrenton/Fauquier Airport in Midland on 6/18-23 with Fairchild Forwarder appearing 6/22-23. Boeing PT-17 Stearman will be in Warrenton 6/19-20.

Capital Wing flies up to 3 passengers on each flight. This airplane was built in the 1930s and built by Fairchild Aviation. This type of aircraft was used by the US Coast Guard during the war to spot enemy submarines located off the Atlantic Coast.

Rides are available on the 1942 Stearman which is a bi-plane and it was used as the primary trainer for virtually all US military pilotes during WW II.

Getting tickets 

Advance tickets to fly in the Fairchild Forwarder or Stearman bi-plane can be purchased at the Capital Wing bookings website at, and flights not sold in advance will be available for sale on site at the airports. 

Everyone who purchases a Fairchild or Stearman ride will receive a coupon good for a free tour of the B-17 and B-25, plus a customized flight certificate and detailed booklet of the warbird they fly. 

Rides in the B-17 or B-25 are also available in advance at or at the airport if flights are available. Tours of the B-17 and B-25 are priced at $15 per person or $30 per family.

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